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Premium Lash Book


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Join THOUSANDS of ladies worldwide who know the secret to lush lashes AM and PM!

A lack of lashes is enough to cramp any girl’s confidence, but give her the right lashes, and she can conquer the world. If your natural lashes are thin and boring, don’t despair. This luxurious Lash Book holds the power to transform your entire face, whether it’s a Netflix-and-chill kinda night or a girl’s-night-out.

Every book has a story to tell, and this one is bursting with 16 chapters - each soft, lightweight, and effortlessly chic. Each pair of vegan faux mink lashes is unique in texture, style, and volume, from soft to dramatic to full-fan glam.

These premium, cruelty-free, reusable lashes are lovingly handcrafted by experts using durable synthetic silk, perfect for up to 10 wears. While real silk is too soft to hold its curl and shape, its synthetic counterpart is designed for long-lasting wear, easy bonding, and painless removal. Rock ‘em, remove ‘em, and store ‘em in your protective book. Your secret’s safe with us.


  • Perfect for makeup lovers & makeup artist
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan
  • Hand Made From Premium Synthetic Silk 
  • Both Natural Wispy & Dramatic Styles 
  • Reusable up to 10x each
  • Includes everything (16 pairs faux mink lashes & the lash book) 

  Styles Included

 Boss - Jewel - Smokey - Riri - Daisy - Baby - Shorty  - Bella - Hottie  - Trixie - QT - JLO - Cookie - Dolly - Boo - Cherry